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The Waux-Hall, its history

In 1769, one hundred people, from the aristocratic families of Arles and the region come together to form a "club" worldly allowing them to organize events, balls, concerts, but also meals; The games will be the pivot .

The decision was taken to construct a building, something luxurious, to do honor to its owners and attract the high society of the region.

The location is an area located on the southern ramparts of the city opposite the convent of the Carmelites, now Hotel Jules Cesar, on a boulevard called Boulevard of Digne.

Opened April 30, 1771, the institution receives the name of Waux-Hall, English is in vogue at that time.

For regulars, the festival will be short lived. The Waux Hall is destroyed in the early 1790s, during the French Revolution. It will be rebuilt a few years later.

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